RE: [stella] Warring Worms Final Debug

Subject: RE: [stella] Warring Worms Final Debug
From: "Billy Eno" <ceno@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 9 Feb 2002 20:11:15 -0600

I think the way it does it is a little wierd too, but I flat don't have
enough RAM left to deal with it.  I don't mean I couldn't go back and flog a
few bytes out of it, I just don't want to restructure the game (again).
Anyway, other games have used the console switches in a different way.
Starmaster use the B/W switch to switch between screens, for example.

Your probably right about it needing to be changed a little bit.  But, the
way the game figures out what to do and what not to do is pretty thoroughly
entwined with the various ways to select different game styles.

I hate to just cop out on a good suggestion like that, but I am really ready
for this game to be done :>

BTW, I am using BCD mode for the game select, so I am limited to 99.  And
the total number of game variations is 80*2*2*2 = 640 variations.

Thanks for taking the time to look at it for me, I do appreciate it.


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> >Left difficulty: A=Fast B=Slow
> >Right difficulty: A=Hard (player can turn back on himself and die) B=Easy
> >(player can't turn back on himself)
> >Color = Enable Missiles B/W = Disable Missiles
> I don't think using the console switches like this is the right
> approach.  It's not the standard way to do game variations, at
> least.  Reserve difficulty switches for ONE rule so you can handicap one
> player over another.  The way it is now, all rules are global to bother
> players.  If players are of different skill levels, you can't even the
> playing field that way.
> You should do a game matrix on all the others.
> For every bit of rule to turn on or off, you will need twice as many game
> variations as you have now.
> As long as the requirements don't exceed 256, you shouldn't have any
> trouble encoding it into your game because you're probably reserving a
> whole byte of RAM for the game variation.
> Do it like Space Invaders and have it so that if you hold down select and
> reset at the same time, it cycles through the variations faster.
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