RE: [stella] Warring Worms Final Debug

Subject: RE: [stella] Warring Worms Final Debug
From: "Billy Eno" <ceno@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 9 Feb 2002 19:55:34 -0600

Thanks for catching this.  I have run into it before, and it is exactly as
you said, an index across a page boundary that screws up my playfield draw.


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> >I am posting the final debug version of Warring Worms.  Please give it a
> >shot.  I finally fixed the last glaring bug and added some new features.
> >The bug was the collision detection problem that happened
> occasionally where
> >a missile would miss a head and hit the body of the snake behind it.
> I played a bit and I found a bug where some extra lines appear on the
> screen.  It doesn't happen very often so it may be a bit tricky to track
> down, but I did manage to get a screen shot of it.  I was playing game
> #10.  It seems to only happen in the middle of the screen.
> One possibility if you're using a symmetrical playfield is that
> your middle
> playfield write is off by one cycle.  Looks like you might be doing
> something that sometimes takes a cycle more than expected, like indexing
> across a page boundary.  It showed up on both the real Atari via Cuttle
> Cart and PCAEWin.
> -Paul

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