Re: [stella] RE: My Atari 2600 15-Pin Controller Ports and Controllers

Subject: Re: [stella] RE: My Atari 2600 15-Pin Controller Ports and Controllers
From: "Junies Creations" <junies_c@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2002 05:05:54 -0500
From: Ben Combee <combee@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Many of the joysticks for the Apple II used ribbon cables.  I think the big 
> issues were the lack of flexibility in the cable and the unpolished appearance.

I could understand the unpolished appearance, perhaps I could simply spray paint the ribbon cable lightly a solid color to help the look of it some?

I don't know what the Apple II joystick ribbon cables look like, perhaps the new ribbon cable has more flexibility than it use to?

From: Glenn Saunders <cybpunks2@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> See if you can get some kind of tubing so you can roll the ribbon cable and 
> thread it through.

That might actually be a useable idea. Or perhaps I'll just simply use single stranded wires for increased flexibility. Maybe something like aquarium tubing might work and simply add a little spray paint to give it a better appearance.

From: Chris Pepin <cpepin1@xxxxxxxxxxx>

> Have you thought about using cat5 cable?  There are 8 wires in each cable so 
> if you use two cables together you would have 16 wires.    Cat5 cable can be 
> bought in 1000 ft reels for about $55 (at least that was the price the last 
> time I bought some.  It may have changed price since then.) You might have 
> to get creative to find a way to keep the two cable together, but it's an 
> idea at least. Plastic clips to hold them together, electrical tape, some 
> sort of tubing are all possible options.

Well if not anything else I know where to get Cat5 cable by the foot so I won't have to worry about buying a whole roll for now.

Keeping the two cables together would be the trick, I doubt it would look very good if the two cables were loose in different areas around the joined areas.

If I can find some colored tubing similar to aquarium tubing, or I might have to simply spray paint the tubing lightly-- I could simply run single stranded wires thru the tubing as well (Basically make my own cable).


Thanks everyone for your ideas. Now I'll have to do some experimenting and see how things hold up and everything, and how much it will actually cost to make them.

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