Re: [stella] Star Fire 2600: Return of the Crosshair

Subject: Re: [stella] Star Fire 2600: Return of the Crosshair
From: Manuel Polik <cybergoth@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 08 Jul 2002 19:14:43 +0200
Hi Clay!

>I'm sure it's possible to do a recognizable wedge in 
the same space you're
>using for the TIE Fighters. 

Even though I have 16 Bit resolution for the sprites, 
right now they have to be mirrored. That is the main 
problem at the moment. You just can't draw a Star 
Destroyer from the side if it has to be displayed with 
mirrored sprites.

>Worst-case, you could have the Exidy ship moving
>top-to-bottom instead of left-to-right. Just don't make 
it yet another
>incoming ship. That defeats the entire point of its 

Yup, I totally agree on that. I've some space left for 
additional graphics, so I'm thinking about hyping the 
gameplay a little up with more & different enemies. 
Expect not only the Empire hunting you, but maybe a 
certain popular Bounty Hunter will be chasing you too... 

>Are there really not enough cycles left in your kernel 
to individually set
>the width for each sprite?

Right now I'd probably have the cycles. (Surprisingly 
enough - no one would think that in the demo I posted 
yesterday - there's 16 NOPs in the kernel and even more 
free cycles... :-))

I'm just uncertain if and how to do a starfield. If I'd 
additionally do non-mirrored ships, that'd require an 
extra data pointer and an extra ($$),Y load, plus 
(re-)setting the mirror flag for all ships.

I'll try and see - once I'm done with the Starfield, 
which has a higher priority to me right now.

I just don't introduce the sideways mothership now, or 
people will demand it always from that version onwards 


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