[stella] Megacart, video capture

Subject: [stella] Megacart, video capture
From: "John Saeger" <john@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2002 00:13:56 -0700
Hi Chris,

> Yes, I did make it up.  But that doesn't make it any less valid as
> a hardware format.  :)  I'm the first to admit that it's vaporware,
> and I often poke fun at my self over that.  But it is sort of a chicken
> and the egg thing.  Stella supports it ("MC" format), but a lot of people
> use z26 for development purposes due to its superior emulation.  If the
> emulators support a format, that's one less barrier to someone's trying
> to use it.  And if someone tells me they want to use it, you'll see a
> hardware prototype in a couple of months.  So there.  :P
> On a more serious note, what are the space limitations in z26?

32KB for a bankswitch scheme is pretty much the max right now.  We do
megaboy which is 64KB but it's pretty ugly.  But like Eckhard, I'm pretty
much motivated by games, or hardware or something.  But let's say,
hypothetically speaking, that for some reason I decided that I wanted to
implement the megacart right now.  How would I test it without a game?
There needs to be something I can run.

But I had a question for you, since you've worked on video capture things
before.  I built the Tom Clancy s-video mod for my 2600 a long time ago and
it works great with video monitors, but recently I got an Asus deluxe video
card that has video capture.  When I try to capture vcs images, I get things
like this:


As you can see, the chroma signal doesn't seem to last for the entire color
clock period and there are these vertical stripes.  I guess we don't see
them on the old monitors that I use because of their limited bandwidth.  I'm
thinking maybe the Asus capture circuit has too much bandwidth.  Do you have
any ideas on how to do a 2600 video mod that doesn't have this problem?
Something that displays correct colors smoothly even if the video
monitor/capture circuit has lots of bandwidth?



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