Re: [stella] "Player Graphic Creation RAD Tool" -- not fancy :^)

Subject: Re: [stella] "Player Graphic Creation RAD Tool" -- not fancy :^)
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 13 Jul 2002 13:41:18 -0000
> On Saturday, July 13, 2002, at 08:08 AM, KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> There are a few advantages to an app, like the ability to save and open 
> easily or access the system clipboard -- and [years and years and years] 
> later, stuff like saving to your code's file, compiling, and starting up 
> your emulator.  But sure, you could do what I've got now (and, iirc, 
> what Chris did) with dhtml right easily.  I'd also given a little 
> thought to learning Java 2d graphics to show what the player looks like 
> while you're making it, but there's nothing stopping dhtml from doing 
> that either.

Yeah...good thought re:the dhtml. I don't think a "saves directly to
file" will ever end up being worth the effort it would take to implement
> > Maybe once I get 2600 101 done, I'll try my hand at that...much easier 
> > to
> > install a webpage! ;-)
> But a lot phatter footprint to open a browser than a few quick 
> utilities.  Course the utilities need to do more than one afternoon's 
> hacking worth of stuff to make it matter.  :^)

Yeah, but if you have to instruct people to install a standalone, if people are like me, they always have a browser
open anyway.  I like how goofy and fun javascript is anyway

> Good luck with the javascript/dhtml version.

Well, I'm not the first person on this list to open up their 
mouth with a "great idea" before knowing what the schedule for
implementation would be.... I can go on about the pros of a 
javascript version all I want, but you're the guy with the 
delivered code!

Hopefully pretty soon though...aargh, never enough freetime.

I got slightly wellknown in PocketC land for a 
"BitmapBuddy" app I wrote in pocketC to edit graphics
and save them in that languages odd little bitmap string 
format. This is kinda similar!

"[World War I] changed the language. It made patriotic words 
  sound hollow, unacceptable, ridiculous" --Stephen E. Ambrose

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