Re: [stella] "Player Graphic Creation RAD Tool" -- not fancy :^)

Subject: Re: [stella] "Player Graphic Creation RAD Tool" -- not fancy :^)
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 13 Jul 2002 12:08:35 -0000
> >... once you're done.  Very similar to the VB app that was written to help 
> >you with creating a playfield some time back (I didn't write that one, but 
> >I have the source somewhere on an old drive if you're interested).
> That would be Stella-Graph.  Written by me. Version 1.3 is available from my 
> web page. (see below) Source code is included if anyone wishes to hack it to 
> have more functionality.

Huh. You know, esp. since both of you go with the "checkbox" method 
for drawing the graphics, there's no reason this couldn't be in 
javascript on a webpage...
...another cool feature would be a roundtrip feature, where you could
plug in the numbers from a game already, and then edit it, and then out
put that in cut-and-pastable binary form.  Also a switch about whether to
flip the image vertically or not.

Maybe once I get 2600 101 done, I'll try my hand at that...much easier to
install a webpage! ;-)

Speaking of 2600 101, I've got an idea for an appendix/standalone page,
the "2600 Cookbook". Anyone who's used O'Reilly's Perl Cookbook or 
Java Cookbook will know what I'm thinking of. A bit like "snippets"
on the Dig ... here was what I was thinking of trying to cover:

?set up variables-where?
?memory overview (page boundary)
?compare numbers (i found this one tougher than I expected)
?basic math

?draw sprite
?move objects
?draw playfield
?color overview

?read joysticks dir
?read joystick button
?read paddle

?make a good kernal
?check for collisions

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