Re: [stella] Star Fire - Return of the Starfield ?!?

Subject: Re: [stella] Star Fire - Return of the Starfield ?!?
From: Manuel Polik <cybergoth@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 21 Jul 2002 21:40:53 +0200
Hi Paul!

>>Now I'm thinking of alternatives. Does anybody have an

>I know it's kind of an established standard in vintage 
video games to have 
>stars flying towards you, but it's not very realistic.  
The stars should 
>really be stationary and just pan in different 
directions when you steer 
>the ship. 

Hm... I've spent quite some time this year playing 
almost all recent & uptodate space games.

Out of this list:

X-Wing Alliance
Freespace 2
Klingon Acadamey

Klingon Acadamey has the most statinonary stars and it's 
the only game on the list that really sucks. Might be 
some strange coincidence, but... :-)

(BTW: Though being Off-Topic: "Tachyon" is by far the 
best pick out of these IMHO!)

>I don't know if this would help much or even if you'd 
want to 
>stray from the standard "flying starfield", but it's an 
idea.  ;o)

Thanks. I'll think about it, really. I always write all 
suggestions & ideas down to my design block. Right 
before starting some longer car ride, I read through 
this list of ideas and while driving I think about it. 
- It works ;-)

>And I'd be interested to see your kernal source.

It's probably the worst copy & Paste mess I ever 
produced, but you asked for it ;-)

The main display kernel loop is labled 'NextLine'.
Its drawing the crosshair, then there's two checks:

- wether to reposition a sprite
- wether to draw a sprite

After that it branches into one of three different 2LK 
blocks according to the results of the checks.

I can explain more on demand, but it really is only a 
WIP snapshot.


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