Re: [stella] Robot City (alpha)

Subject: Re: [stella] Robot City (alpha)
From: tjentzsch@xxxxxx
Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2002 13:12:28 +0200
Fabrizio wrote:
> It's a LOT more challenging now...! For my weak skills, next to impossible!
> :) But probalby I just need some more practice!

Oops. I do not want to make the game too challenging. :-)

> Love the reviving animation..

What animation?

BTW: In the attached version (v0.12), the disabled tanks are blinking. Now I can 
add really dead tanks. I also fixed the bug I mentioned in my previous post and 
removed all illegal opcodes too (for now).

> Anyway I've uploaded v011 to the CuttleCart to test it and while playing,
> I've had some screen rolls... have you noticed that? I've tried v010 and it
> doesn't happen..

Yes, that's the "timing problems" I wrote about. I should be able to remove them 
quite soon when switching to 4K. At the moment, my ultra compact code 
sometimes runs ultra slow. 

> Also, how about making the shield of a tank that's just been destroyed
> harmless for a few seconds? I get killed a lot for touching it just after I
> destroy the tank!

I'm working on that. Promised!


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