Re: [stella] Improved Interlace demo -- emu

Subject: Re: [stella] Improved Interlace demo -- emu
From: "John Saeger" <john@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2002 05:52:07 -0700
Billy Eno wrote:

> It seems to work, but with the order of the scanlines reversed.  At
> lease the way I implemented it, the second field is above the first.  I
> am guessing it would work either way.  Anyone have an opinion as to
> which is "correct?"  How does Z26 detect the second field?

Oh well, I had a 50% chance of getting it right.  ;-)  I don't have a VCS
hooked up at the moment.  Here is a version from Eckhard which has some
additional features.  To turn on interlace mode there is a new interlace
command line switch.  To draw even lines first use -! or -!0.  To draw odd
lines first use -!1.  I think -! is probably correct for the current games
and demos.  If the interlace command line switch is enabled, the emu
automatically starts up in video mode 6.  To see what the non-interlaced
view looks like, just switch to another video mode.  If you don't like to
see flicker don't turn on the -e command line switch.  If you like to see a
more authentic flicker use the -e command line switch.

> On a tangent, for some reason, z26 (even previous versions) has a noise
> kind of like combat tank noises going on at all times on my system.
>  Anyone seen this before?

Oh yeah, this is a popular complaint on NT based systems.  Unfortunately the
sound is great on my system so I can't really fix it.  I'm running Windows
ME with an Ensoniq PCI sound card.  Other Soundblasters work great too.


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