[stella] Skeleton - complete

Subject: [stella] Skeleton - complete
From: "Eric Ball" <eball@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 6 Sep 2002 13:09:53 -0400
Just in time for another weekend!  Turn down the lights, and turn up the
sound; it's the Skeleton!

(See attached file: skeleton.zip)

New features:
- you can now be killed (so it is now officially a game)
- the Skeleton speeds up over time (the code was broken in the previous
- added a title screen and simple end screens
- modified the sound of the Undead Disintegrator & added a flash to the
- created brand new mazes with a variety of long passages versus
- wrote a simple text manual

I also reworked the kernal to save space because I ran out when I was first
adding the title & end screens.  I was planning on adding music to the
title screen, but I don't have enough free space.  (As it is, it is going
to be difficult to accomodate the 20% increase in table size for the PAL

>From a code perspective, I am proud of the following:
- doing the INTIM test in a WSYNC loop, which really makes the Z26.log
- my handy-dandy LFSR random number generator (as seen in a previous post)
- the stereo sound code (could cyberstella or Z26 be enhanced to support
- use of the BIT instruction for it's actual purpose (including setting the
N bit)
- the INIT and REINIT routines
- the Skeleton speed up routine (linear acceleration via the period)
- the crueller maze

The next challenge (assuming no-one finds any major problems in the
version) is to create a PAL version.

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