Re: [stella] Skeleton - complete

Subject: Re: [stella] Skeleton - complete
From: "Eric Ball" <eball@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2002 09:12:48 -0400
timchrissnider proposed an idea to add traps to Skeleton

Ouch!  You must be a glutton for punishment.  As it is, I'm thinking about
adding an option where you can see the Skeleton's arm peeking out of a
corridor opening.  I'm finding it nasty that the Skeleton can easily get
you from the side before you can spot it.

Although traps might be doable (since they are really just a sound effect),
I think I'll pass on the idea.

Has anyone actually managed to eliminate all 80 Skeletons?  Get to the
second maze?

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