[stella] Euchre: release candidate 2

Subject: [stella] Euchre: release candidate 2
From: Erik Eid <eeid@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 1 Oct 2002 20:19:35 -0400
The other title for this message could be "oops!"  :/

I found one small bug while testing tonight.  The computer player, if leading 
against a lone maker, would sometimes lead low trump - a disastous move, 
considering a lone maker should have high trump and many of them.

The variable I use to save who the maker is was being reused - it was part of 
an "overlay", a technique I picked up from Andrew Davie's Qb, where a bank of 
variables are reused in (supposedly) distinct parts of the program to save 
space.  Unfortunately, this variable (Bidder) was in an overlay, and since it 
is needed both during the pass/call phase and the trick-taking phase, it was 
getting unpredictable values.  The computer player, when deciding what to 
lead, thought sometimes that it was the lone maker, and led its best trump to 
draw everyone else's trump out.

It was very easy to fix - I just moved the variable out of the overlay.

I've attached a new version of the source and binaries.  It's zipped this 
time since I'm coming up against the listserv's file size limits.  (The 
administrator has had to force my last couple of posts through.)

I still plan on finalizing Euchre on Friday, October 4, 11:59 PM EDT unless a 
more severe bug is found.

Sorry for the buggy updates... but I'm glad that I'm going through all these 
candidate versions to shake out the bugs...

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