Re: [stella] Death Derby status update

Subject: Re: [stella] Death Derby status update
From: "Mark Graybill" <saundby@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 3 Oct 2002 07:29:26 -0700
>From: Glenn Saunders <cybpunks2@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> I thought I'd let the list know that I've decided to temporarily shelve
> Death Derby for the 2600.
> Reason being that it's just too time-consuming for me to figure out the
> intricacies of the kernel I want to be able to do.  If I had more free
> time, I'd enjoy the challenge, but I'm too anxious to take what I've
> learned so far in 6502 assembly and reading the driving controllers and
> a working game up and running.  I'm actually losing my motivation to work
> on the game because it seems like I'm so far away from getting a working
> kernel done.  But I don't want to ask the group to lead me every step of
> the way or I'll feel no sense of personal accomplishment when all is said
> and done.

Yeah, the 2600 isn't where I'd want to start out in 6502 programming, that's
for sure.

> I only have brief bursts of free time to work on this, so I'd rather focus
> on an easier 6502-based platform first.
> So I think I'm going to transition the game over to the Atari 8-bit, where
> I first learned programming way back when.  There I'll be able to do 4

The 400 and 800 are very nice platforms, that's where I started with the
6502 after writing games in assembly for 1802-based systems.
> I don't think anybody has done a homebrew 8-bit game cart yet, just 5200
> stuff, so maybe it will be a novelty.  There is no reason for it to be a
> cart, though, since it could run directly from RAM as an executable
> file.  So I'm not sure if I'd bother trying to get physical carts made
> unless people were particularly interested in it.  But I'd still do the

_I'd_ be interested, but I'm almost certainly not a good basis for market

-Mark G.

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