Re: [stella] I'm back! :) ...

Subject: Re: [stella] I'm back! :) ...
From: Manuel Polik <cybergoth@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 06 Oct 2002 11:58:03 +0200
Hi Ben!

>The source code is probably a little bloated, which
>might be kind of a problem cause I'm running out of
>room and still haven't implemented sound and a couple
>other things (and I bunch of stuff I originally
>planned on, but has no hope of fitting into a 4K ROM.
>:) ).  I know for one that the landscape drawing
>routine at the beginning of the program could probably
>be more efficient...

>Anyway if anybody wants to give input, feel free.  Or
>if you just want to check out the game itself...also
>feel free. :)

Since you already did nothing on the game for such a 
long time, taking the time to properly finish it now 
would only be fair I think. Why such a rush? You already 
missed this years CGE, so you've enough time to work on 
the game until the next.

There's certainly lots of ways to optimize the ROM usage 
of the current game and then - you say there's ~ 400 
bytes left right now.

More than enough.

- Terrain damage should consume less than 100 bytes 

(Actually you just have to divide the X pos of the 
missile by 4. Picking the right byte and ANDing away the 
right bit should be trivial. Gunfight does this in less 
than 50 bytes)

- A couple of SFX should consume less than 100 bytes

(Try looking at my reverse-engineering of Outlaw, it 
does some 5-6 SFX in less than 50 bytes.)

- AI should consume less than 100 bytes

(Basically you should be able to calculate the exact hit 
parameters. Now you just have to introduce some 
decreasing/random error values into the calculation)

Remaining are some 100+ bytes, even without any 
optimization of the current code.

You should try using that to draw an animated cannon, in 
order to indicate the angle at which you are pointing.

You had so much plans of enhancing "Artillery Duell", 
why just give up on all that and do a release that's not 
half as good as it actually could be?

Think about it...


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