Re: [stella] More flicker, please

Subject: Re: [stella] More flicker, please
From: Manuel Polik <cybergoth@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 06 Oct 2002 18:04:52 +0200
Hi Thomas!

>But one thing is sure: If you add constant flicker, the
>*difference* between the various flicker rates get's

I can see this. The difference between 60<->30Hz is less
than the difference between 30<->20Hz.

But I'm not sure wether I should like that general
flicker approach or not. Right now I'd prefer reducing
flicker situations at best, instead of going the SW-TAG

>>BTW: I made that smooth in and out of ships Clay
>>suggested possible on the bottom border, but I've
>>up on the others

>Where exactly is the problem?

Left/Right: I don't like what these would cost.

Top: I didn't get it going without a blind spot. There
was always a vertical point where I wasn't able to
display a sprite. I was only able to shift that blind
spot, but didn't find a way to get rid of it. As I had
it working yesterday it was consuming lot's of ROM (~100
bytes) and cycles (~ 5 scannlines) and it still looked
crappy, so I discarded that code again.

>>BTW²: No lasers. No photon torpedoes - Particle

>Looking better than the previous version, too. But what
>to your PF idea? Didn't you like the results or was it
>a programming problem?

Again economic reasons. (PF1 + PF2) * 64 lines * 8
frames = 1024 bytes data only, without any source code

Plus, as I mentioned before, I'd most likely need more
reposition lines, which would automatically add to
flicker, too.

And - I just managed to animate the particles, IMHO it
looks really cool now :-)
(BIN is attached; Beware: No collision detection ATM)


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