Re: RE: [stella] Space Instigators - Final Version (?)

Subject: Re: RE: [stella] Space Instigators - Final Version (?)
From: Erik Mooney <erik@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 17 Oct 2002 11:36:01 -0400
>>     I haven´t been following the thread very carefully, so maybe this has
>> been said, but I really think the game needs some animation when you or
>> invaders get hit. By the way, the game looks very cool, pretty difficult
>    I reply my own mails, how cool is that, eh? ;-D
>    I guess that there isn´t enough time to do an animation for the invader,
>since you´re displaying nine columns of them. But adding an some sort of
>explosion for the player would make it look much better.

I haven't been following the thread much either, but maybe you could take
a page from Piero's additions to INV long long ago.  Can you set the player's
missile to 4-wide or 8-wide?  Use the player's missile to flicker an explosion in
the place of the invader for a few frames when an invader gets hit.

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