Re: [stella] [POLL]What is everybody working on?

Subject: Re: [stella] [POLL]What is everybody working on?
From: "Paul Slocum" <paul-stella@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 05 Nov 2002 10:13:00 -0600
I just finished porting a Ron Hubbard song to the 2600. :o)

I'm back to working on my printer-synth firmware and composing and recording songs with the C64, Atari 2600 and other old computer gear.

If anyone is interested in original music for their 2600 games, let me know. I've got some new ideas and learned some new tricks from my recent 2600 music work. Adding music requires around 1000-2500 bytes (depending on the length of the song) so you might have to use bankswitching, but it takes minimal processor overhead and very little RAM.

BTW: I tried Peter Gordon's project entry system and it had a few minor bugs but I reported all the of them and he quickly fixed everything, so I think it's pretty solid now. I got all my homebrew projects entered. I think it's a cool idea. There is homebrew info on Atariage, but this new site is going to have all vintage systems which I think will be interesting. You outta enter your projects when you have a minute:


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