RE: [stella] A quick intro

Subject: RE: [stella] A quick intro
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 4 Dec 2002 19:43:30 -0000
In terms of staring, I usually (un)humbly suggest my very basic 
tutorial in atari, 2600 101:

Not only is it a decent starting point for learning the trickery
of atari programming (and only 1/2 the challenge is 6502, the rest
is the oddness of the Atari itself) but the first page has links 
to the best 6502/7 and Atari programming tutorials and references 
I found. (Including the Dig, the Stella Programmer's Guide, and 
'Assembly in One Step', which is a pretty decent 6502 intro.)

I also borrowed a 6502 book from my library, but it wasn't as
helplful as I expected since I already had that other stuff.

HEY ALBERT, when are we gonna AtariAge-ize the guide?

    "My stomach says no but my sick carny sense of humor says yes..."
             --Mr. Wick (The Drew Carey Show)

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