Re: [stella] A quick intro

Subject: Re: [stella] A quick intro
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 4 Dec 2002 21:49:33 -0000
> Actually, the javascript utilities you've written work very nicely. I 


Actually, there have been a couple other stabs at making a 
paintbrush like program for the atari graphics.  My UI isn't 
as nice as I hoped, in that you can't "drag and paint", just 
click individual pixels.  

> be much more difficult to do with Javascript... that and I wanted to 
> hone my Java 2D graphics skills as well. I'm learning as I'm going in 
> this department.

One of the other ones was in Java.  I didn't like it as much 
as the one I ended up with because it used a grid of checkboxes,
and I thought that made it tougher to visualize the end result.
Still, it wasn't a bad program. 

One plus to javascript v. java
is that it's more or less easy to get people to run it in a 
browser no matter their OS or setup...Java is cross platform,
but unless you have one of those thingies to bundle it into an
.exe, sometimes having to install a JVM can be an obstacle to 

>   Granted I only understand the basics of DASM... so if there is 
> something more I need to add I'm open to suggestions.

Maybe we can take a look at list files...
DASM has a few fiddley other options. My understanding of it has
never been very deep.
> I like the idea of collaborating on CAG or any Atari developers 
> environment. Porting stuff over appeals to me too, since I don't want to 
> re-invent the wheel if I don't need to. Which apparently, to some extent 
> it looks like I've already done.

Dev environments are funny things. I'm a bit of an old schooler, 
I've never really felt totally at home in an IDE, always fire up
a text editor, and maybe make some batch files and hit them from
a command line. 

And it's tough to get people to use a new system...the old timers
like what they 'grew up with', and sometimes the newbies won't run
into your stuff in time. (And honestly, even a terrific IDE ain't
gonna make 2600 programming 'easy' by any reasonable definition of 
the term)

So I've been trying to assemble largely standalone tools, though
my upcoming "one button compile and tests for page boundaries and
runs in an emulator" sort of violates that...but it's so simple,
maybe it'd still be ok.

In terms of collaboration, probably the best bet would be me giving
you the pseudocode for my Perl that analyzes the list file--it was 
a little tricky in parts-- and you could port that to Java or whatever

 Or, if you don't mind having a seperate 
.exe module, you could call my program, and then parse the results 
(and I'd be willing to change the output of my program so it was more
machine readable)

 "Sometimes your shallowness is so thorough, it's almost like depth."--Daria

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