[stella] gui development collaboration

Subject: [stella] gui development collaboration
From: Aaron Bergstrom <Aaron.Bergstrom@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 04 Dec 2002 16:59:03 -0600
Actually, I plan to deliver CAG via Java Web Start(JWS). JWS does all of the setup for the user and it is included with Mac OSX. JWS is also included as part of Sun's 1.4 JRE. We use JWS to deliver all of our java applications developed in the lab. Otherwise, I agree... java can be a pain in the ass to setup. Once I have the Playfield generator sufficiently developed, I'll release the first version of CAG through the ATL website as a signed JWS application.

I don't have a problem running outside *.exe files though I wouldn't mind seeing your perl code either. Anyway, lets just see where it goes. If people are interested I'll post my java code on my website when I get home today.

My other idea about the CAG is that the user can use only the models that he/she feels actually helps them. CAG Playfields will be exportable to a saved text file. Also, each CAG project will have its own text editor (though probably much more simple than people are used to using) for editing and code writing - not to mention Java has built-in cut/paste features for all of its JTextArea's.

So I talk alot... I hope to show everyone that I'll back up my ideas. I appreciate the fact that most people already have a preferred development pipeline... I won't be offended if others don't use CAG. If it helps it helps. In the end I'll consider it to be a success as long as I can use it to more quickly develop 2600 games. So I guess what I'm saying is that I have no illusions as to how others are going to embrace its use.

Anyway, I am glad to say that I feel like I have been given a very warm reception on this mailing list. That is nice.


Computer Visualization Manager
Archaeology Technologies Lab, NDSU

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