Re: [stella] Hardware Problems

Subject: Re: [stella] Hardware Problems
From: "Chris Larkin" <clarkin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 5 Dec 2002 09:26:32 -0800
"PCB extender boards are a _lot_ cleaner, however, in my experience."

What is a PCB extender board??? I'd love to get one!

"For something like a flash cartridge my inclination would be to use a PCB
from a cart that has a ROM of the right configuration in it, and add an
inverter, as is typically done for a homebrew cart or a "burn and churn"
EPROM cart."

I used a Pac-Man PCB, and as both games are 4k I figure the configuration is
fine... The EEPROM and inverter are on the bread board, and the 6" wires
stem from their to the PCB.

"To program the flash, my inclination would be to make an adapter
to fit the cartridge right to the programmer without removing the chip, or
to build a custom programming adapter for an I/O port."

Done already, the EEPROM is programmed via the Parallel port, and that
function is working perfectly.

"Another approach I'd consider is making a new PCB to use small outline
package devices for the flash and the inverter."

When I order the PCB's for this project, it will be a custom PCB with
cartridge slot on it, and all IC's including memory, and inverter will be
SOP or SSOP.  However I can't bread board prototype with surface mount
chips, so I have to get it working with DIPs first.


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