Re: [stella] An Alternative Distro Method For ROM Hacks (Patches)

Subject: Re: [stella] An Alternative Distro Method For ROM Hacks (Patches)
From: "Chris Pepin" <cpepin1@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 2002 22:37:22 -0500
I'm thinking a patch utility program and then a series of patches, propably using a simple scripting language. The upside is that there would be no legal pitfalls to distributing these patches, and the patches would remain the intellectualy property of the authors. So we could implement whatever EULA terms we see fit (ie: A prohibition on redistributing modified ROMs). Obviously there are people who will ignore this, but it gives added legal protection to the patch author as they are no longer party to any infringements due to ROM distribution. It also gives patch authors a stick, if neccessary...

It sounds like the IPS patching system used on the Super Nintendo. Translation patches, NTSC to Pal fixes, Trainers, etc.

Chris Pepin

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