Re: [stella] Space Treat with score

Subject: Re: [stella] Space Treat with score
From: "Fabrizio Zavagli" <rasty@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 30 Dec 2002 23:05:02 +0100
Hi Paul!

You wrote:
> - Instead of waiting at the end of the game for the player to press fire,
> why not just display the level and score of the last game on the title
> screen?  Just use the same code that displays it between levels, but you
> could maybe darken it if you don't want it to be so prominent.  Then it's
> more clear that the game is over.

Humm nice idea... should be feasible!
Actually I was thinking of putting a "game over" text on the final level
screen instead... do you think that would be ok also? Could make for a "game
over screen" without jumping directly to the title... but I like your idea
as well! :)

> - I wish the score was displayed during gameplay at the bottom.  You'd
> to do a simpler display for the remaining lives (maybe use playfield
> instead) but I think it would be nice to always see the score.  You could
> also have the energy bar drain at the end of the level and show the score
> increasing (this is really easy to do) like many Activision games.  And
> since you can use the same score routine that you use between levels, it
> shouldn't use a significant amount of ROM.

Yep I was also vaguely thinking about having the fuel level decrease when
you clear a stage, should be feasible with very little effort!
About the score at the bottom, that shold be doable also, even thou you
wouldn't see much movement since the score increases only after the level is
cleared, there's nothing that could possibly make it go up during a

> - I've noticed that your ship slows when you're energy gets low.  But if
> your energy gets low and then you die, your next ship will have full
> but will still be slow.

Ouch thanks! I must've broken it recently...!

> Has anyone reached level 20?  I just can't quite make it.  I've made it 19
> a few times now.

I have, just today, and it's my best ever :)

Thanks again for the suggestions and testing!!

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