Re: [stella] Space Treat with score

Subject: Re: [stella] Space Treat with score
From: "Albert Yarusso" <albert@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 31 Dec 2002 00:29:05 -0600
Hi Fabrizio!

> looks like I've finally made it.. the score is in the game! ;)
> You're awarded points based on:
> - Remaining fuel at the end of a level
> - Level number and game difficulty you've reached
> - Remaining lives at the end of a level

Awesome!  I spent some time playing earlier this evening and it gets better
with each version!  I'm glad you added the score, as well as the ability to
see the score and level after your game is over.  I do agree that if you can
manage to shoehorn this into the title screen, even better.  I think this
would be a smoother flow, and also harder to fake pictures should we ever
hold a high score contest.  :)

I agree with Paul's comment about being able to see the score as you're
playing, although I guess if you're only awarded points at the end of each
level it's not really a big deal to me.  The score would never change while
you're actually *playing*.  What would be interesting is if the maximum
amount of points you could receive in a level counted down as you're
playing, taking in account your fuel, level number/difficulty, and number of
lives.  This would further increase the pressure to finish the level as
quickly as possible!

> At the moment I'm almost completely out of ROM space, but I'd still like
> add a few more features...

What features?  :)

> Comments and suggestions are welcome as usual :)

Keep up the great work!  It's a very addictive game, and one that I find
aggravates the hell out of me when I do something stupid.  But it keeps me
coming back for more, which is the important thing!  I have now gotten up to
level 16 several times, and I can often get up to Level 10 without dying.  I
partially blame my Epyx joystick, which is very sensitive (no, I still
haven't grabbed a normal Atari stick from one of the many boxes cluttering
my place).  I'll take a picture once I beat Paul's Level 19.  :)

One comment about the way Reset works.  In most titles this starts a new
game, but with Space Treat it takes you to the splash screen.  It may not be
entirely obvious to everyone that the joystick button starts a new game,
although I doubt it would take anyone very long to figure this out on their
own.  My experience shows that Reset usually starts a new game, and
oftentimes (depending on the game) the joystick button will do the same.

Take care,


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