[stella] AVGP - Atari Video Game Production Course

Subject: [stella] AVGP - Atari Video Game Production Course
From: John Redant <johnredant01@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 4 Jan 2003 15:22:43 -0800 (PST)
If this was CVS, this would be version 1.1. 

The title is now different. AEENG would be more
appropriate if you're trying to construct an Atari
2600 video game system from scratch. As neat as it
sounds, it's not within the scope of the course I had
in mind. I'll leave that up to someone else more
technically advanced mind then me. ;)

Prerequisite: No programming experience necessary 

I assume that all literature would be taken care of. 

(What literature would be used for this course

Atari Video Game Production Course

Material List (Based on Radio Shack prices):

1 - Soldering Iron (preferably $7 - $10)
1 - Desoldering Iron (preferably $7 - $10)
1 - Supply of Solder (Around $2 - $5)
1 - set of Helping Hands (Around $15)
1 - ventilation fan and ventilation tubing
a set of EPROM chips
a set of used Atari cartridges
1 - set of screwdrivers
1 - EPROM burner (optional)
1 - 486 DX (or better) computer w/ Soundblaster (or
1 - Atari 2600


1 - Fundamentals and Basics - How to assemble a
working ATARI cart using a supplied ROM image.
2 - Assembly I - Modifying graphics on an ATARI ROM
3 - Assembly II - Understanding and modifying logic on
an ATARI ROM image
4 - ATARI Fundamentals I - Understanding ATARI
assembly language
5 - ATARI Fundamentals II - Understanding and using
various television standards
6 - ATARI Honours - Creating an original ATARI 2600
game from scratch

That's it for now. Kick it around a bit, take it
apart, analyze, add some suggestions and such. Let's
mold this puppy into something.

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