Re: [stella] Collaboration

Subject: Re: [stella] Collaboration
From: Thomas Jentzsch <tjentzsch@xxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2003 09:42:30 +0100
Glenn wrote:
> 2 scanlines might still be narrow enough between tombstones to look 
> okay.  It might actually be a good way to separate the tombstones 
> vertically.  The way it is now two tombstones on top of eachother look like 
> one continuous stripe.  Could you try experimenting with this please?

The last demo already shows how this would look like (7x2 scanlines with color gradients, 1x2 scanlines black)

> The only place it's up for public viewing is California Extreme, which is a 
> coinop convention every September.  I've been wanting to go for two years 
> straight to do research but never could break away.

Well, that's a "bit " too far for me. ;-) 
Do you know about any other (e.g. home computer, PC) versions?

> It would be nice to extract the graphics from the ROM data.  

Yes, but where can we find one?

> Having 
> friendly/hostile zombies does satisfy that criteria, but adding one extra 
> wildcard as a powerup or an obstacle I think will help, something beyond 
> the ghost that will happen during the main gameplay mode.

I understand that every possible object will help here. The current kernel just doesn't have enough cycles left for using the ball very flexible. But by limiting it's vertical positions and not changing it's shape (just a plain square) we *might* find a way. It would be quite easy to en/disable the ball in sync with the tombstone rows. And while the tombstones will be displayed striped the ball would be solid.

> The gradient looks good.  if it doesn't fade completely to black it would 
> be better.  Then if we leave a two scanline gap for grenades it would yield 
> a similar effect of separating the tombstones vertically.

I faded them intentionally to black, just to show how an empty tombstone row would look like. If we add the two scanline gap we either had to reduce the tombstone height or we would need two extra CPU cycles (replace AND #7 with CMP Table,X). These two missing cylces would make the color gradient effect a bit less flexible. E.g.
  sta COLUP ; ($02..$0e)

  ora #$20
  sta COLUP ; ($21..$27, IMO quite dark)

BTW: How will the tombstones be separated horizontally? 
A         B         C
xxxxxx    x x x     x x x
xxxxxx    x x x      x x x
xxxxxx    x x x     x x x   

> I can see what you are trying to do but I'm not a big fan of 
> chronocolor.  Plus now that I think about it I think it will be easier to 
> distinguish the "team" that each zombie belongs to by leaving them matching 
> the player's color.

Oh, I didn't knew that each zombie belongs to one player. Or is that only a game variation? Then we could enable/disable ChronoColor TM depending on that variation. But if you don't like the effect at all, it's *very* easy to remove it.

BTW: Will you try to support the B/W switch?


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