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Subject: Re: [stella] Collaboration
From: Thomas Jentzsch <tjentzsch@xxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2003 21:10:25 +0100
At 15.01.03, 17:54, Glenn Saunders wrote:
> Looks good but note that we _might_ need to change it to 8x2 visible
> tombstone scanlines so that they are the same height as the zombies.

Or reduce the height of the zombies.

BTW: Normally tombstones are a little bit smaller than the people
buried under them. ;-)

Do you know what tombstone raster Death Race uses? How many columns and
rows? The screen shots I have seen, look like there are about 14 columns
and maybe 10 or less rows.

> A or B, but more likely B.  I'll have to "quantize" where a tombstone shows
> up so it won't just appear right on top of the zombie but it will be the 
> closest available tombstone quadrant.  If I use A it won't be easy to 
> distinguish individual tombstones anymore, but it does provide some extra 
> accuracy in positioning.

The screen shots I have seen look more like B or C. And IMO C would look
best (most random) as long as there are not too many tombstones on the

BTW: What will happen if a zombie is killed very close to an already
existing tombstone?
And will there a chance to destroy already existing tombstones
(like the mushrooms in Centipede)?

> In the design I have for an improved gameplay mode each zombie is teamed to
> a car and you are supposed to defend your zombie while running down the 
> other.  Each zombie starts out on the safe-zone of their car's side and try 
> to make it to the other end.  Points are earned/lost based on how many of 
> your zombies make it to the other side and/or how many you stop from 
> getting to your side.  It's almost like football in that respect, or a 
> football in which two players are making for opposite goals at the same time.

Nice idea, and a little bit more "human" than the original. :-)

> I think the effect would work better with colors that aren't opposite,
> maybe red blue.  But still I don't think it's necessary for this game.

Accepted. :-)

> Since the colors I chose for the players are roughly the same intensity
> you'd have a hard time following things on a B&W set anyway.  The 2nd 
> player has to be made darker when in B&W mode.

That shouldn't be big problem, because the aren't any color changes
inside the kernel.

> The title screen might not make the final
> cut if ROM runs out, and even if I keep it in it would only show up on 
> power-up.  Even if there IS ROM left over I may take it out just to further 
> minimalize the aesthetic.  I only made the title screen to see some 
> tombstones without having to implement the collisions.

Since the title screen uses the same kernel as the game it won't need
very much ROM at all.

> There are a lot of little details that I think are important in doing a 
> game on a classic system to make it look like it was written back in the day.

So DD will become the ultimate retro homebrew, right? ;-)

Ok, what about the grenades (ball)? To finish the specifications for the
kernel, I need to know where (vertically) you want them and if you want
more than one simultaneously on the screen.

Have fun!
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