Re: [stella] Oh No!!

Subject: Re: [stella] Oh No!!
From: "Andrew Davie" <adavie@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 18 Jan 2003 17:59:32 +1100
Just a minor update... two dancing babys at the same time.  Actually ...
alternate frames;  this is how the large fighters are going to be displayed
in Fu Kung!  I have them running at separate speeds to show the frame
display is independant for each baby.  It doesn't look so great on Z26...
and I can't run it on Stella... should look OK on the real thing;  the
trade-off is the largeness of the sprites vs. the annoyance of the flicker.
Next stage in development is to add center-point capabilities to the tools
and engine, so the frame sequences animate about a centerpoint related to
the object being displayed, rather than just in a static position on the
screen.  I may be quiet for a few days while I get that system working

PS: Z26 -g11

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Subject: [stella] Oh No!!

> Oh no, it's the....
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