Re: [stella] Brainstorming: 3D-Corridor

Subject: Re: [stella] Brainstorming: 3D-Corridor
From: Manuel Polik <cybergoth@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2003 23:27:52 +0100
Hi Christopher!

> But, I do think that preloading X, Y and A and shoving 
> them directly into COLUPF is a good idea, and that's 
> what the attached file does along with some colour 
> cycling to give an effect.

Heya, cool stuff!

I just finished my own try for a corridor right at the 
moment and it's... interesting.

WARNING: Don't watch it too long, if you've problems 
with flashing lights'n'stuff... ;-)

The interesting part of this solution is, that, in 
theory, it should be possible to render it focused to 
any point on screen. Hehe, if linked to the joystick, 
you should be able to hypnotize yourself with it then.

Another thing is, that one'd probably need to show a few 
objects to make the direction it is heading more 
clear... ;-)

As for the source, I screwed my part into Glenns 
asymetric PF demo, which was based on Roger Williams 
code, which was based on Nick Bensemas code... :-)


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