[stella] Everyone loves a newbie!

Subject: [stella] Everyone loves a newbie!
From: "Sam Jeffreys" <sam@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2003 12:45:20 +0100
At least, that's what my mother said.

Uh, anyway, this is my first post to the [stella] list. I'm Sam, I'm 25, and
I've recently decided to plunge headfirst into this whole 6502 programming
thing. It's been educational, fun, confusing, rewarding and it's been great
putting a small pink blob on my screen and moving it around with a joystick.
BUT here is my problem. It's probably gonna sound really stupid.

I *can't*, no matter what I try, get my head round how to animate the little
critter. I haven't found a really step-by-step guide on the net or in the
[stella] archives. I've studied code and I feel like I've almost got it, but
then my head just collapses into warm jello and I have to have a bit of a
lie down!

So, please, can anyone give me a *really* basic guide to doing simple
animations? I would be eternally grateful, and so would Mungo, the pink


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