RE: [stella] Climber5 source and binary

Subject: RE: [stella] Climber5 source and binary
From: "Dennis Debro" <ddebro@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2003 06:14:24 -0400
Hi Thomas,

Thanks for the suggestions!
> 1. change:

> 2. superfluous code:

> 3. count down to 0:
I missed that one too? Thanks!

> 4. turn off the volume only should be as good
I thought I read some where that on a PAL machine you had to turn off
all 3 sound registers to completely turn off the sound. If not you could
get a hum. I don't know where I saw this but that's why all 3 are done
here. This will teach me to take better notes so I can go back and
reference them again.

> 5. superfluos sec
> 6. use BIT, change:
bit was used first but I'm storing the value in playerState later in the
routine. That's why lda is used here.

> 7. huh???
CRAP! I meant to take that out before the post!
> 8. replace all but one
> 	jmp OverscanWait

> More if you ask for. :-)
Sure, why not? That is if you have the time :) I tend to (and I'm sure
others will too) learn from my mistakes. From the look of yours and
Andrew's responses there seem to be a lot.

> And a potentional bug:

Take care,

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