Re: [stella] RPG Kernal

Subject: Re: [stella] RPG Kernal
From: Manuel Polik <cybergoth@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2003 08:51:34 +0200
Hi Paul!

> And in Erik's demo the playfield is reflected which 
> means no scrolling world, although an asymmetric 
> playfield version may be possible.

I see, that is a major point I overlooked. At least 
you'd probably be limited to vertical scrolling.

(Hey, Andrew Braybrook did that in the Amiga version of 
Paradroid, so it can't be all wrong ;))

> To me, 10x10 is pretty decent -- especially with 
> scrolling.  Have you tried David's 9x9 scrolling 
> playfield RPG demo?

Yup, certainly :-)

> I think it feels nice, and mine's pretty much the same 
> with 10x10 and more detailed graphics.  Aside from the 
> smaller on-screen area, mine looks about as good as 
> the early Ultimas.

That is true. Will the gameplay be comparable to Ultima 

> Initially I thought the main drawback to my method 
> would be flicker, but I really can barely even tell 
> that it's flickering on a real TV

Ah, I still don't have the means to verify that...
So I'll just believe ;-)

> It does rely on careful tile design though. I designed 
> a brick pattern that flickered horribly. You have to 
> avoid lots of 1 pixel thin horizontal lines.

Have you tried Envision? Maybe it works for you too:

Seems to be a great tile editor. 

Another very cool thing are all those tile editors for 
the NES. You can probably easily rip a zillion of nice 
tiles out of existing NES games.

BTW: Totally Off, but Al just posted news about a 
DiStella 3.0 ...

> No, I appreciate your comments.  That's why I posted 
> it now before I get into the game design.

Fine. I think this'll gonna be one of the coolest VCS 
games ever!


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