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Subject: Re: [stella] RPG Kernal
From: "Paul Slocum" <paul-stella@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 18 Apr 2003 15:49:07 -0500

Do you think this way really wins over, lets say doing a
screen rather like "Commando", or like Erik Mooneys

Even before I saw Erik's demo, I had planned something very similar and was totally into it. But the more I planned, the more stuff I found that I didn't like... There would have to be flicker sometimes anyway. It wouldn't be horrible flicker, but it would be more noticeable than the flicker in my kernal. Also the placement of trees/rocks/walls is rather limited, so to create boundaries in the game you'd have to rely on playfield or some other method. And in Erik's demo the playfield is reflected which means no scrolling world, although an asymmetric playfield version may be possible.

To me, 10x10 is pretty decent -- especially with scrolling. Have you tried David's 9x9 scrolling playfield RPG demo?

I think it feels nice, and mine's pretty much the same with 10x10 and more detailed graphics. Aside from the smaller on-screen area, mine looks about as good as the early Ultimas. Initially I thought the main drawback to my method would be flicker, but I really can barely even tell that it's flickering on a real TV -- and I've tried it on two different TVs. I asked my girlfriend if she thought the flicker looked bad, and she said "what flicker?" It does rely on careful tile design though. I designed a brick pattern that flickered horribly. You have to avoid lots of 1 pixel thin horizontal lines.

Hm... just thoughts, I hope it doesn't sound too

No, I appreciate your comments. That's why I posted it now before I get into the game design.


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