Re: [stella] RPG Kernal

Subject: Re: [stella] RPG Kernal
From: "Eric Ball" <ericball@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 18 Apr 2003 21:45:21 -0400
Paul, have you considered doing your RPG for the 7800?  It will handle a 32K
(or even 48K) cart without bankswitching.  It will easily generate tile
based graphics (with smooth scrolling, and overlayed sprites).  About the
only limitation of the 7800 is TIA based sound (but you know how to deal
with that :-) ) and no cheap Supercharger equivalent.

I've been reading everything I can find about the 7800, and I'm hoping to
program something for it in the future.  The programming techniques required
are very different from the 2600, because instead of a kernel the game has
to generate the display list list used by the Maria graphics processor and
game processing is independent (almost asynchronous) of the graphics

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