Re: [stella] Brainstorming: Porting Smithereens/Catapult/StoneSling

Subject: Re: [stella] Brainstorming: Porting Smithereens/Catapult/StoneSling
From: Russ Perry Jr <slapdash@xxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2003 21:54:39 -0500
At 9:52 PM -0400 7/23/03, Rob wrote:
> On Wednesday 23 July 2003 16:37, Manuel Polik wrote:
>> I'd like to hear your ideas of possibly porting the
>> Odyssey 2 / G7000 game
>> Smithereens/Catapult/Stone Sling

> That's basically the same game that later became known as "Scorched
> Earth" or just "Scorch".  There's never been an artillery duel type
> game for the 2600?  Hard to believe.

Well, there was "Artillery Duel" by Xonox.  :-)

I believe another Stellalist member was working on "Incoming", another
variation on the game, but I haven't seen anything recently about his

>> Major Problem of this is certainly displaying six detailed objects
>> (2* catapult/gunner/castle) in one horizontal row.  So with what
>> solutions for that would you come up?

> 3. Use the ball for the actual projectile, though you could use
> anything you like since it's always above the plane of the catapults.

I think that leads to another possibility -- stagger the two sides
so they're never on the same line vertically.  It's not as authentic

Perhaps the ball could be used to draw the castles?  I can't remember
if you can duplicate that object or not though...
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