Re: [stella] delayed sound -- emulator or programming glitch?

Subject: Re: [stella] delayed sound -- emulator or programming glitch?
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 29 Aug 2003 02:30:20 -0000
> On Thu, 2003-08-28 at 20:46, KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> > Thanks for any insights!  Other suggestions welcome
> > as well, though I'm not at the polishing stage yet...
> I find it much more playable with flap strength set to 2 and ceiling
> rebound 1.  I would strongly suggest having these values settable via
> difficulty or select switches, although that would probably screw up
> your timing since you'd have to load them from the zero page rather than
> simply defining them as constants, and that's an extra cycle each time
> you need the value.

Dirty little secret: my gameplay and playfied is so simple, 
I haven't felt squeezed for cycles.  So there is some room 
to play with. I think.

I once said "A good Atari game is like a Haiku"--I'm afraid
JoustPong is like, a sloppy freeverse poem, but with kind of 
short lines.

I should go risk my PC's soundcard jack and see if I can get my 
supercharger mojo working again.

I'm worried I have one of my infamous "forgot the # sign" bugs,
because when I changed the constants like you suggested, all 
the colors changed.

Though what gets LDA'd before teh STA COLUP0, COLUP1, 
and COLUPF *definately* has teh # sign...I don't know
what's up with that!

THE LIVING END Before long the end / Of the beginning / Begins to bend
To the beginning / Of the end you live / With some misgivings
About what you did.  --Samuel Menashe

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