RE: [stella] he got game

Subject: RE: [stella] he got game
From: "Dennis Debro" <ddebro@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 1 Sep 2003 08:22:51 -0400
Hi Kirk,

> Milestone tonight: it's a game.


> * Looking at the .bin in textpad, I see a LOT of "FF FF FF FF FF",
>   like the last 2/3 of the file.  Does that mean I potentially have
>   like a 2K ROM on my hands?

You're using 1102 bytes.
Before you do your org $FF00 add the line...

	echo "***", (*-Start), " BYTES OF ROM USED"

and before you do org $FFFC add ...

	echo "***", (*-WingUpGraphic), " BYTES OF ROM USED"

The literals between the "" are just there for you to quickly identify
the verbiage. The real work is done in (*-label). This calculates the
number of bytes used between the current position and the label
specified. Now when you assemble your program look at the results from
DASM (or the list file) and you'll see the number of bytes used between
those labels. Now you just have to add those values and see how many
bytes are used :)

> * Does anyone know a covenient way of telling how many cycles are
>   "left" when using the typical LDA #43 STA TIM64T , after all the
>   processing is done?  I guess there's always trying to figure out
>   that PCAE debugger (though last time it didn't go so well...)

Use Z26's trace option and look at the trace file. It will tell you
everything you want to know about what's happening during program

> * I'm open to suggestions for some easy pizazz to put into this.
>   It is a bit minimalistic in presentation right now.  You can see
>   a lot of the enhacements I'm thinking of in the latest entry on

I'd like a little more time before the ball appears to give me some time
to react. Also a slower speed like pong would be nice :)

Also, are you looking for optimization suggestions too? There are some
opportunities to free up some more bytes in your code. Then you could
possibly enter it into the 1K game competition.

> * If a game is going on, and you hit game select, and it goes
>   back to the title screen, does that change the game level,
>   or does the first press just show you the title screen?

I think it should just go back to the title screen. No options should
change. Only let the options change when the title screen is present.

> * Anyone know a better Fuji symbol that fits in 8 pixels wide? ;-)

I like the one you have. It looks sort of like the one used in Video

Take care,

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