Re: [stella] Bounce: what next?

Subject: Re: [stella] Bounce: what next?
From: "Fabrizio Zavagli" <rasty@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2003 20:34:16 +0200
Hi and thanks for the comments!

Kirk wrote:
> Very nice!  What's it written in?

I've used good old Borland C++ Builder 6!
(maybe not so old!)

> If you want some interface suggestions (though it is pretty good as is...)
> 1. Maybe make it so there's a colored box around the selected tool, not
>  having it show up in a seperate window?

Good point, I'll do it!

> 2. Some way of visually indicating what has been set as starting location?

Yes, the starting location is hilighted with the red border...!

> 3. in terms of recording path...I would do this by having a tape recorder
>    like "record path" button.  Pressing it would (well, ask 'are you sure'
>    if they've already recorded it) start a cursor flashing at the start
>    point (or error if there wasn't a start point)- then they could use
>    the arrow keys to indicate the path, leaving the pink dots behind.
>    basically, you'd have to implement the game in the editor, but maybe
>   it's not so hard? Just an idea, to constrain them into recording legal
>   paths.

Yup, but IMO that would probably make creating and editing the path more
complicated, and instead I'd like to encourage having a path on every level!

> 4.  also, maybe instead of dots, tiny little triangles showing which way
>    to go...might be easier for someone to see then, and you could even get
>    rid of the "animate path" option (although if a guys path crosses
>    there would be more than one triangle...and 'jumps' would have to have
>    special color triangles for the square being bypassed...hmm)

Humm I've been thinking about this initially, but the issue with the
crossing arrows could make it a little bit too confusing! Plus, I don't
really want to spend weeks working on it ;)

> 5. Clear/Fill should probably ask 'are you sure?' if they've already drawn
>    anything on the board.

Yes I still had to put in all the confirm dialogs.. done now :)

So I've continued working on the editor, and now almost everything is
working except for "Export" (which will save a .asm file), "Help" and "Test"
is only halfway done (will invoke the emulator but the binary with the level
is not yet generated).
Anyway now you can Save/Load, give levels a name, "play" the path and
configure the emulator...!

New version here:
340k, still no install required! ;)


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