Re: [stella] Bounce: what next?

Subject: Re: [stella] Bounce: what next?
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 25 Sep 2003 19:21:18 -0000
> > 2. Some way of visually indicating what has been set as starting location?
> Yes, the starting location is hilighted with the red border...!

??? Don't have it at hand to play with but I thought the red border
was the "currently editing this square" indicator?  Once you set 
the start point, and then move to another square to edit it, doesn't
the redthing move as well? (I thought the only way of seeing the 
starting square is that it shows up as a pink dot when you put it
into path draw mode)
> > 3. in terms of recording path...I would do this by having a tape recorder
> >    like "record path" button.  Pressing it would (well, ask 'are you sure'
> >    if they've already recorded it) start a cursor flashing at the start
> >    point (or error if there wasn't a start point)- then they could use
> >    the arrow keys to indicate the path, leaving the pink dots behind.
> >    basically, you'd have to implement the game in the editor, but maybe
> >   it's not so hard? Just an idea, to constrain them into recording legal
> >   paths.
> Yup, but IMO that would probably make creating and editing the path more
> complicated, and instead I'd like to encourage having a path on every level!

Really? I think
A. it's simpler for the user, because it's the same interface as the game
B. it ensures that it's solvable...I mean, they can paint pink dots any
   where, and fail to notice that they ignored an arrow or whatever on
   their way back
I think the main reason not to do it would be because it's a little harder
to program, you'd have to code the game in the editor basically 
(but c'mon, in C++ that should be pretty dang easy), as well as visually
indicate a disolved square during the recording process.  

But I do think tracing the route with arrow
keys is *less* complicated than painting a path and making sure it's 
a possible path by the player (in fact, you could be a bit of a facist,
and make recording a "winning" path a condition of saving/submitting)

It's funny, it would be relatively straightforward to write a recursive
puzzle *solver*...actually, is the happy face in the released demo solvable?
I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get either cheek without making
it the final square, and obviously I can't make *both* the final square..
(I've never been very good at these games...)

> New version here:
> 340k, still no install required! ;)

I'm on the fence about install programs...with something like this I
would tend to think it's way overkill, and actually get irritated when
a tiny little program makes me go through all the install wizard. 
On the other hand, it does add a certain 'air of professionalism" 
or some such.

Eh, just keep it as a zip :-)

I dig the music in this game. I've been toying with joustpong 
title's very hard for me to transcribe the funkish
rhythms I can easily sing or tap on a keyboard into 1/60 second
intervals without it sounding rather square.
THE LIVING END Before long the end / Of the beginning / Begins to bend
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