[stella] Fade Out

Subject: [stella] Fade Out
From: Christopher Tumber <christophertumber@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 09 Dec 2003 15:36:49 -0500
Got an unexpectedly good amout of work done while away... The only really major addition is adding pick-upable ammo, most of the rest of essentially bugfix, tweaking and "look & feel" type additions.

Adam has been talking about changing the title screen so that may go.

Press firebuton to exit the title screen. This brings up the options screen. 

Left controller is top, right controller is bottom.

Up/down moves the respective cursor. Left right changes the selections:

Expert/Beginner/Computer (not working)
Colour (changes colour but not text string)
Ammo (#shots per reload)
Shot range

To exit this screen, move the top cursor to GO! and press fire.

Current setting is EXPERT, which means a maximum of 6 total skill bars (ie: you must lower one of the three skill bars to increase any of the others). 

To do list:

- Finish options screen
   - Select between Expert/Beginner/Computer
      - Expert allows max 6 total skill bars
      - Beginner allows ALL skill bars up to 4
      - Computer controlled player for 1 player games (may or may not happen)
   - Change colour text to reflect current colour selection
   - Joystick read is a bit crappy
   - May still be some esthetic changes
- Fix shooting while jumping/falling
   - Currently shooting while jumping/falling causes loss of vert movement
- Add pickupable ammo
- Add collision detection/death
- Add sound
- Fix horizontal jumping
   - Horizontal jump is kinda sucky
- Fix wraparound
   - Walking/jumping off the edges currently causes problems
- Game over
- Tweak Speed/Range/Ammo settings (game balance)


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