Re: [stella] question for z26 authors...frame timing

Subject: Re: [stella] question for z26 authors...frame timing
From: ecwilkso@xxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 25 Dec 2003 03:08:04 -0500
Quoting John Saeger <johnws8@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

> I think we just ask SDL what time it is.  Kinda boring.  On dos it was
> much more interesting.  There was a timer chip with registers and
> interrupt flags and stuff like that.  I used to know it by heart.  No
> more...  

SDL?  I don't know what that is.  :(  But the RTC ruled!  (rules)  That, and
the interrupt controller.  Never knew that one very well, but I used the RTC
more than a few times.

> Or just embed it in a web page.  Like those color demos.  I wonder if it
> would work?

OOH!  Shiny!  That might just work.  But you'd have to have a relatively "new"
internet connection to make it work reliably...a slow connection would mean 
dropped frames, "cheating" joysticks, and all kinds of generally bad stuff.  :P


PS.  Merry Christmas everyone!
And Happy Holidays in general.
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