RE: [stella] bigmove.a65 interest

Subject: RE: [stella] bigmove.a65 interest
From: stella@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2004 03:03:37 -0600
> I've had many great and memorable "A-HA!" moments with Stella
> programming so
> far, but the positioning one eludes me.  I think the most helpful code I
> could use right now would be a hard-coded, non-moving kernel that
> displays a
> static series of sprites, just so I can easily follow the code, count the
> cycles, and see what combination of NUSIZ0/1's, RESP0/1's, GRP0/1's, and
> NOPs to use.  Handed to me on a silver platter.  And spoonfed...

Strike that.  I had my "A-HA!" moment on positioning tonight (I think I was
making things overly complex for myself) and genuinely understand the six
digit score routine.  Thanks to the awesome archives, which I began reading
from the beginning, and this post in particular:

Anyway, here's yet another implementation of the six digit score.  It's even
double-height!  I had 3 cycles to spare plus a WSYNC, just enough to
implement double height graphics.

It's pretty heavily commented, although I'm not sure how *well*.  The
easiest things to edit are the addScore and frameDelay constants, but feel
free to tweak and critique it.  Especially my BCD math and pointer
calculations since I'm also a n00b to 6502 programming in general.

Thanks, everyone.

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