[stella] bigmove.a65 interest

Subject: [stella] bigmove.a65 interest
From: info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2004 18:47:33 -0600
I found a disassembly of Eckhard Stolberg's bigmove demo and have noticed
sporadic interest in it based on some Googling.  The version I found is


With minimal tweaking, I got it to compile using dasm, but now I'm trying to
add some more meaningful documentation as a learning exercise.  I was
wondering if someone else has already done this, as well as a better
conversion to dasm (one that uses vcs.h).  If so, please post it.  If not,
do you think others can benefit from such a conversion?

I figured out some of the ????? comments and replaced hard-coded
addresses/values with their respective labels.  My goal in all this is to
figure out how to (A) get precise horizontal positioning and (B) draw
multiple sprites on a single line.

I think I understand some of the theory behind the space invaders demos I've
seen.  I've also managed to hack together something (from "scratch") that
displays 8 non-flickering sprites in a single scanline, but their
positioning is WHACK to say the least. :)

I've had many great and memorable "A-HA!" moments with Stella programming so
far, but the positioning one eludes me.  I think the most helpful code I
could use right now would be a hard-coded, non-moving kernel that displays a
static series of sprites, just so I can easily follow the code, count the
cycles, and see what combination of NUSIZ0/1's, RESP0/1's, GRP0/1's, and
NOPs to use.  Handed to me on a silver platter.  And spoonfed...


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