RE: [stella] Generic kernal or just build a game?

Subject: RE: [stella] Generic kernal or just build a game?
From: stella@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2004 12:06:47 -0600
> Wow, that's like one night of work? It looks *great*...I think some of its
> an excellent choice of colors (heh, I was trying to remember what
> the color
> scheme reminded me of, and realized it was "half life", the
> orange and grey)
> and also the ball is nice and big.

Thanks!  I'm very right-brained, so aesthetics are a big deal for me... even
in the early stages.

> Actually, I ammend that: I just supercharged great, but the
> background is maroon, the other colors seem ok (well, not sure about
> the ball color) On the other emulators the colors for playfield,
> border, and bricks all seem fine.  I don't know if you're prone to
> the same rookie mistakes I was, but make sure you're using "#" before
> your constant val references....(and don't be shy about sharing source!)

Hooray!  It worked on a real machine! :)  Thanks for trying it.

> What are you using to "randomly generate" the brick layout?

The second routine here:
(And how I wish I'd been on this list when Jim Nitchals was a part of it.)

> It can be pretty simple, and adds *a lot* of flexibility in playing
> with the physics.

All the ball math is 16-bits now.

> Incidentally, I think I'm likely to multiply by negative one by
> subtracting the current value from 0...sometimes that just seems
> simpler than doing the 2's complement magic.

It's simpler and faster.  I guess the EOR+1 method just mentally felt more
like how the 6502 was supposed to do it. :)  I'll try to transition to the
faster/shorter way.

> Huh, just brainstorming here...if it turns out that "get the last
> few bricks" becomes very annoying, with the board just going on and
> on....maybe you could make it so every, say, 10 succesful hits, the
> paddles start flashing and then the player can catch the ball by
> holding the firebutton, ala Warlords.  It would be interesting to
> see the ball "hugged" by the paddle and whipped around to the other
> side of the playing area, then released...some possible math
> trickiness there, come to think of it. Anyway, that would probably
> best be served by a "traditional" pong rule where the angle the ball
> leaves the paddle at depends on how far from center it is, as if the bat
> had a convex surface.

I'm always interested in ideas for gameplay features.  I definitely want
there to be neat little triggered events.  The ball catching is a good
one... maybe the paddle would change colors when it becomes sticky.  Hold
button to catch, release button release.

> Hope some of this is useful.  I'm trying to be a better stella
> citizen, in my own no-6502-genius-way; back when I was working
> on JoustPong, I didn't want to be distracted, and when JoustPong
> was on hiatus, I didn't want the reminder that I wasn't working
> on JoustPong :-)

I'm running hot at this point and fear burnout, but I just can't stop coding
every spare moment I get.  I don't want to speculate on when the game will
be finished.  Setting any kind of deadline only serves to make it seem more
like work instead of fun. :)

> Or, "Reflects"/"Reflex"/"Refleks" or something like that?

This is scary.  I changed my root filename to "reflex" this morning for the
same reasons you listed.  Great minds!

I was going to post a binary and source, but want to fix a kernal bug I
found.  I'm burning one too many cycles in the left half, causing the center
two columns to always be the same.  (Reset the previous binary a few times
to see what I mean.)

Thanks for your detailed feedback.

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