[stella] Reflex binary and source (unfinished)

Subject: [stella] Reflex binary and source (unfinished)
From: stella@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2004 00:34:32 -0600
Hey everyone,

Well, here it is.  I made a ton of additions since the last binary
(pinblah8.bin) I posted.  It also has a new name, Reflex, which both Kirk
and I came up with independantly, but in parallel!  :)  He and a guy I work
with, Sam, also convinced me to post source along with the binary, which I
feel better about since I added a bunch of comments.

This is my first real 6502 effort and I've had about a hundred epiphanies
during the short development time so far (4 nights).  And the smallest bits
of helpful advice have yielded incredible amounts of understanding.  Still,
since I'm new to this, I probably did many things the hard way.  I think my
kernel is pretty solid, however. :)  If you see areas that could be greatly
optimized through use of lookup tables or tighter logic, please let me know.
I want to learn!

Biggest to-do's:
	* Turn the solid border into two paddles.  (Both will always remain
opposite each other)
	* Add joystick/paddle control.  (Player selectable)
	* Add score.  (Already built a six-digit score routine from scratch to see
if I understood VDELP0/1)
	* Add gameplay variations.
	* Add titlescreen/footer message/what-have-you (the REALLY fun stuff)

Some notes on the binary:
	* Hit F1 in Z26 (F2 in StellaX) to reset and randomize ball velocity.
	* You can't do anything else... Just watch.  (Unless you assemble with
	* No empty board detection... you'll have to manually reset.

Some notes on the source:
	* Assemble with: dasm reflex07.asm -f3 -oreflex07.bin
	* Use vcs.h and macro.h officially supported by DASM:
	* Ensure DASM can find leelib.h
	* There are some debug constants that are fun to play with at the beginning
of the source listing.
	* The source is relatively well-commented.  The exceptions being the
collision/reflection routine and the brick removal routine in which I do
some magic voodoo stuff that even I barely comprehend.  If you think it
would be very useful to you, I could flesh out those comments (or comments
for any other part, time permitting).

Anyway, let me know what you think.  Thanks!

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