Re: [stella] Game prototype in Java

Subject: Re: [stella] Game prototype in Java
From: Albert Yarusso <albert@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 11 Apr 2004 00:27:30 -0500

On Apr 11, 2004, at 12:00 AM, Christopher Tumber wrote: is a pretty basic
implementation in Java of a game I'd like to do for the '2600. Before
starting the '2600 version I thought it might be easier to write it in Java
and fixup the gameplay -- and see if the game idea is good enough. My Java
is very average, so the above may be buggy and/or slow and/or not work at
Controls are

Have you mentioned this before? Or am I stuck in a big deja vu this week-end?

It's possible you saw it here:

This was from back in September. I deny any knowledge of knowing who "anon" is in that conversation. :)


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