Re: Aw: Re: [stella] The future of Stella (i.e. debugger needed)

Subject: Re: Aw: Re: [stella] The future of Stella (i.e. debugger needed)
From: "Thomas Jentzsch" <tjentzsch@xxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 18 May 2004 15:14:34 +0200
Steven wrote:
> Yes, both are GPL.  But right now, z26 is in x86 assembly, and Stella is 
> in C++.  I don't know enough ASM to do the conversion.  Besides, it's 
> not just the sound code itself, but timing and resampling issues.
> I really need someone who knows more about sound programming than I do 
> to look at it .  Perhaps they'd find the problem to be quite easy to 
> fix.
> Heck, even if someone took a look at the current way of doing it and 
> made some recommendations, that could help.  I could probably do the 
> actual coding; it's just the underlying timing/resampling *algorithm* 
> that's eluded me.

I suppose we are just to lazy (I am!) to download the whole package 
(incl. compiler etc.) and search for the code. 

So maybe if you could just post the code with the problem (and maybe the
link to the matching z26 code), someone like Manuel or me could use
their Assembler knowledge to find the differences.


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