Re: [stella] The future of Stella (i.e. debugger needed)

Subject: Re: [stella] The future of Stella (i.e. debugger needed)
From: Christian Bogey <khryssun@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 18 May 2004 16:55:30 +0200 (CEST)
Stephen Anthony wrote :

> I have some very good ideas on the debugger.  I plan
> to have an expanded window onscreen showing all 
> stuff *while the emulation is running*.  
> So, for example, if the normal window was 640x480,
> when entering debugger mode the window would be 
> resized to 1280x480, and the whole right side of the

> window could show registers, etc
> while the emulation was still running in the left.

GREAT !!! I just can't wait to have a such tool in my
hands ;-).

BTW I have some other suggestions about the debugger
you plan to include into the emulator : 
I wrote a 80486 debugger for DOS (TSR program) some
years ago and it had nice features very useful : I
think it won't be very complicated to include some of
them :

- Suspend the program exectution regarding specific
conditions and :
- Allow modification of the registers,
- Edit memory to change datas or opcodes into the Ram,
the VCS rom program and the Registers
- Change the Program Counter (it was the Instruction
Pointer on the 80486)
- Search function for data, opcodes...

...Just some ideas very helpful for programmers 

Cheer up ! ;-)

Take care,


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