RE: [stella] stella bitterness

Subject: RE: [stella] stella bitterness
From: "patrick lichty" <voyd@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 22 May 2004 15:52:35 -0500
Even though I'm a lurker, it's just disappointing to see people haggle
about things that can only be diminished when the disagree, when there
is so much more to be gained by banding together.

In our magazine we're looking at this exact thing during this issue:
intellectual property, copyrighting, sharing, open source, etc.

In my world, if there's no money involved, there's no reason to quibble.
If there is, (and I realize that this is idealistic, but in the internet
art world it tends to happen) everyone gets a piece of the pie.

I hope Stephen continues to work on Stella, as I've enjoyed it
immensely, and I'm also very supportive of Z26 as well.

I think that these are both great programs and in no way cause for
anything but praise.

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